Balance: The primal energy that flows between our world and the planar world. As Balance wanes in one world it waxes in the other. However, it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning the Balance was maintained by the gods Mae and Mer. Mae and Mer held the worlds together as one for when the Balance is held equally among all planes of existence their lines become blurred and they become as one. However one day the treacherous Lolth, goddess of spiders and lies turned Mae and Mer against each other by convincing both of them that their world was the one that deserved the power that came with balance. And thus the great tug of war began. Every thousand years, for a thousand years one world is made prosperous from the power of Balance while the other enters a drought. And every thousand years during the reversing of the flow a ritual is held in order to attempt to restore the flow of Balance between the worlds and reunite Mae and Mer. A human is selected to ascend to the status of a demigod and must take a journey across both worlds and overcome many trials in order to ascend and become the bridge between Mae and Mer. One of you is to become the Chosen One, and it the rest will become the Chosen’s party and help guide them to their destiny.

1. Character can’t be more than 1000 years old
2. Magic is hard to use and learn in this world
3. Monsters exist everywhere outside of towns
4. There are no demons in this world and thus no tieflings
5. If you are planning on being evil you must hide it from your fellow party members

Balance the Pendulum

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